Four reasons why security-minded small businesses should move to the cloud

cloud-37010_960_720Nowadays, cloud-based business applications are far more ubiquitous and accepted than they used to be. But small businesses tend to adopt new technologies much later than their larger, enterprise counterparts—and some still have lingering security concerns about doing business in the cloud.

I’m here to tell you that cloud-based technologies have come a long way. Security is tighter than ever before and moving all or part of your business to the cloud will give you a competitive advantage. Here are four reasons why the cloud is the right way to go:

1. Remote backups are the best form of data protection. Ransomware is a clear and present danger to small businesses. If a sheriff’s office decided to pay the ransom, and if an IT company lost their data, you can bet that your business is at risk, period. In addition to firewall and antivirus software, the best protection against ransomware is to continually back up business data to the cloud. That’s the only way to ensure you’ll get your data back in the event of an attack. Carbonite can help.

2. Cloud productivity apps like Microsoft Office 365 are highly secure: Office 365 was designed with internet security in mind. With Office 365, you get all the functionality of Microsoft Office without having to worry about upgrades and maintenance. And remember: Carbonite can back up your Office 365 files for added protection.

3. Cloud software is always up to date: One of the biggest problems with software applications that sit on a business’s local computers is that it’s both expensive and cumbersome to keep the software up to date–especially for budget-conscious small businesses. The great thing about cloud applications is that you’re guaranteed to get the latest and greatest software. They’re always up to date, with the latest version of the programs and security patches built-in.

4. It’s easy and affordable: I find that the two biggest pain points for small business are time and money. Indeed, those are often the reasons why small businesses do not install proper security policies and systems in the first place—the perception that they take too much time and cost too much money. This is where the cloud applications shine because you are not “buying” a whole new package of software but instead “renting” what you need by the month or year.

Here’s the bottom line: Move your applications to the cloud, and you’ll find them to be faster, cheaper to operate, more secure, and always up to date.

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