Ransomware extortionists not as trustworthy as they’d have you believe

You can pay the ransom following a ransomware attack, but you may not get your data back. That's why you need a solid backup and recovery strategy.

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User-friendly tool makes ransomware a cinch for wannabe cybercriminals

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Ransomware Recovery: How to meet realistic Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)

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Spora ransomware could become a major player

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How to create a BYOD policy that keeps your business data secure

Learn to create a BYOD policy that works for your business in three steps.

The top 10 ransomware attack vectors

Ransomware is infecting the computers of unsuspecting victims at an astronomical rate. The various methods that cybercriminals use to take over a machine and encrypt its digital files are called

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How ransomware extortionists hide their tracks

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Six ways to protect your small business from cyberthreats

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Smart ways to reduce risk in your business

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Ransomware shines bright light on backup

The best protection against ransomware is a strong backup and recovery solution—despite what some may think. Learn how to select the right backup solution today.

Startling statistics shed light on the worldwide ransomware epidemic

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Who is winning in the war against ransomware?

Find out who is currently winning—and who is losing—the war on ransomware.

Answers to frequently asked questions about ransomware

USA Today small business columnist Steve Straus answers common questions about ransomware and offers tips on how to protect your home and business.

Ransomware distributor gets hacked: A look behind the curtain

The cybercriminal behind the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency ransomware attack got hacked by a security researcher. Find out what he learned.

The psychology of a ransomware attack: A guide to what makes victims click

Cybercrime is very much a psychological game and ransomware is no exception. Find out what motivates victims to click on malicious links.

Backup and recovery means you can say no to ransom demands

IT security expert Eric Vanderburg offers a quick guide on how to use backup and recovery technology to protect your business data from ransomware. Learn more.

Locky ransomware spreads through phony Flash update site

A malicious website is tricking users into installing Locky ransomware disguised as a fake Adobe Flash Player update. There is currently no decryption tool for Locky that’s publicly available. Consequently,

New version of Cerber ransomware hits businesses where it hurts

The latest version of Cerber ransomware is targeting database applications and putting business's most valuable data at risk. Learn how to spot a Cerber infection today.

A ransomware primer for small businesses

Learn how to protect your small business from ransomware today.

World-renown heart hospital uses backup to thwart ransomware attack

Papworth Hospital in the UK was well prepared for a recent attack. But many healthcare facilities still need to protect themselves from ransomware.

Three high-profile ransomware cases that prove the power of backup

How do you deal with a ransomware attack and what are the possible outcomes? Consider these three very different cases.

Ransomware Incident Response: 7 steps to success

Learn the best way to respond to a ransomware infection and get your data back without having to pay off cybercriminals.

Mamba ransomware takes a bigger bite out of your data

A recently discovered ransomware virus called Mamba is designed to encrypt your entire hard drive. Get details on how to protect your computer.

Ransomware Advice: Pros and cons of paying the ransom

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Backup: The key to protecting data from ransomware and other disasters

Gideon Hodge learned the hard way that cloud backup is the best way to protect your computers from fires, floods, theft, and of course, ransomware. Learn more!

CryLocker ransomware compiles victims’ data into fake image file, uploads it to Imgur

A ransomware virus called CryLocker was not making much of a splash until an exploit kit called Sundown took over – and now at least 8,000 victims have been hit.

The Economics of Cybercrime: Understanding the ransomware market

Learn about the economics behind cybercrime and the global ransomware epidemic.

Pokemon Go ransomware virus is out to catch’em all

There's a new Pokemon Go-themed ransomware virus on the loose, but it appears to be in test mode for now. Learn how to protect your data today.

How to recognize and avoid email scams

Cybercriminals love email scams in part because they're a great way to spread ransomware. Learn how to recognize email scams and protect yourself today.

What to do if you get hit by ransomware

If your computer gets hit with a ransomware virus, you may feel like panicking. But that's not necessary. Just follow these steps and you should be okay.

What does the FBI have to say about ransomware?

The FBI has issued some important guidelines for small businesses that want to steer clear of ransomware. Find out what the FBI has to say about ransomware epidemic today.

Cybercriminals turn to DIY kits and Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)

Cybercriminals are turning to do-it-yourself (DIY) ransomware kits and ransomware-as-a ransomware (RaaS) to increase their profits. Learn more about RaaS today.

Rival malware devs duke it out with decryption

A group of cybercriminals this summer upset the status quo when they distributed the decryption keys to a competitor’s ransomware.

Will hacktivists turn to ransomware?

Hacktivists may one day turn to ransomware in an effort to further their political agendas. But it hasn't happened just yet.

CryptoDrop: Early-detection system helps spot malware trouble

A new ransomware early-detection system is still in the laboratory phase — but it holds promise in the fight against the costly and pervasive malware.

Ransomware primer: How it works and what it looks like

Here’s a breakdown of how ransomware really works to lock up all your files, and what it looks like to you – the unsuspecting victim.

EduCrypt message: Don’t get lazy, pay attention

New malware EduCrypt tries to teach users a lesson about online safety.

Your ransomware profile: passwords, profiles and protection

Use this simple cheat sheet to create stronger passwords and protect your data every day.

Why your small business needs to care about ransomware

One attorney was targeted by ransomware and learned the hard way the extent to which cybercriminals are personalizing their attacks.

Newest ransomware has polished, professional look

Ransomware attacks are starting to copy late-night infomercials, with extortionists standing by to help you pay up quickly.

Your ransomware response: Prepare for the worst

Here are some fast facts to know about ransomware, and what you can do to protect against it.

“RAA” and Pony Stealer off to the races

Ransomware composed entirely of JScript is first of its kind.  With its command and control server shut down, researchers watch to see if bogus JScript attachments will resurface.

Crysis ransomware expands reach in wake of TeslaCrypt’s demise

The newest crypto-ransomware family known as “Crysis” is working on becoming one of the best known ransomware viruses — right up there with “Locky.”

Will Antivirus Protect You from Ransomware? No!

Many businesses believe that antivirus software is all the protection you need from ransomware. That's just wrong.

Two New Ransomware Threats You Need to Know About

Researchers at Enigma Software report that, in April 2016, ransomware more than doubled the total from March 2016. Additionally, ransomware made up a larger percentage of overall infections in April than in any other month in the last three years.

Two More Businesses Defeat Ransomware with Carbonite Cloud Backup

Ransomware is a type of computer virus that is created by criminals. It latches onto a computer system and threatens to destroy all the files on a computer unless a

Learn to Protect your Data from Ransomware: Podcast

In this podcast, security expert Christopher Doggett explains some practical steps you can take to keep your computers safe from ransomware.

Five Reasons Ransomware Remains a Serious Threat

Here are five reasons why everyone who uses a computer and stores any type of data on it should be concerned about ransomware – and concentrate on preventing it.