Ransomware Roundup: WannaCry ransomware found on U.S Army device

WannaCry ransomware was recently discovered on an IP address corresponding with a device tied to the U.S Army Research Laboratory. This is the same virus that last week infected more than 200,000 systems in more than 150 counties around the globe. According to CyberScoop, the IP address located in Fort Huachuca, Arizona was observed communicating with the attackers’ command and control server on May 12th. Fort Huachuca is home to the Army’s Network Enterprise Technology Command  and Information Systems Engineering Command.

7 things you should know about ransomware:
The ransomware epidemic continues to spiral out of control, according to Inc.com. Here are seven important things to note about the ransomware epidemic:

  1. Ransomware blocks access to your files.
    The cybercriminals who infect your computer with ransomware block you from accessing your files until you pay the ransom.
  2. Paying the ransomware ransom does not mean you get your files back.
    Many unfortunate victims learned the hard way that not all criminals give you your data back even after they pay the ransom.
  3. The healthcare sector is a popular target.
    Ransomware attacks against healthcare providers are common. Without access to medical data or equipment, many patients are placed in a vulnerable position—making hospitals who don’t back up their data an easy target for a payout.
  4. Ransomware targets your most sensitive files.
    It seems that some ransomware viruses do not activate until the most important files on a computer or network are found. Targeting high-value files increases the chances that cybercriminals will get paid.
  5. Ransom is often based on economic data
    Many ransom demands have been found to vary based on geographical location and average income.
  6. The epidemic is only going to get worse
    The ransomware epidemic isn’t slowing down and, with the introduction of more internet-connected devices, it’s only going to become more problematic.
  7. There are two defenses against ransomware
    Practice cybersecurity hygiene and back up your files to the cloud.

For more news and information on the battle against ransomware, visit the FightRansomware.com homepage today.

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