Ransomware Roundup: Malware creeps into the Google Play store

google-76517_960_720Security researchers recently discovered ransomware lurking in the Google Play store. The ransomware, dubbed “Charger,” was bundled with a fake battery management app called EnergyRescue, according to The Register. Researchers at security firm Check Point say that when the app is downloaded and opened, is asks for administrator access. Once access is granted, the app launches the ransomware attack, locks the phone, and demands that victims pay ransom in return for the unlock code. Google has since removed the EnergyRescue app. The incident is a stark reminder that cybercriminals are getting more creative all that time—and mobile ransomware is on the rise.

Ransomware slams the midmarket in 2017
Ransomware attacks on businesses will become even more prevalent in 2017 as malicious hackers get more creative, according to a new study from The Ponemon Institute. The new study—which includes the results of a survey of 618 IT pros at small and midsize businesses—found that ransomware attacks are getting much easier to launch, thanks to Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), and they’re extremely difficult for law enforcement to trace. That’s why hackers are leaving other cyberscams behind and turning to ransomware in droves. For more details—including tips on how to protect your business from ransomware—view our new infographic and download the full Ponemon Institute report today.

Gmail to block JavaScript attachments to thwart ransomware
In the wake of plans to phase out Flash, cybercriminals are looking to attack vulnerabilities in JavaScript as part of their effort to spread ransomware. That’s why Google will add JavaScript (.js) files to the list of email attachments that it blocks beginning on February 13, 2007. Other files extensions blocked by Gmail include .exe, .msc and .bat among others.

For more news and information on the battle against ransomware, visit the FightRansomware.com homepage today.

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