Ransomware Roundup: MacRansom malware targets Apple machines

Researchers have discovered the first known ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) offering that targets Apple machines, according to a report from Kaspersky Lab. The company says the RaaS kit allows just about anyone—even those who are not very technically saavy—to attack Mac users with so called ‘MacRansom’ ransomware. Researchers with security firm Fortinet report that the RaaS kit uses a basic distribution method whereby the owner of the Mac machine must agree to run a program from an unidentified developer. MacRansom is just the latest form of ransomware to target Mac users. In the face of increasing attacks, it’s important that Mac users back up their digital files and educate themselves about the dangers or ransomware.

Ransomware causes mayhem at University College London
The United Kingdom’s third largest university—University College London (UCL)—last week fell victim to a ransomware attack that caused major disruptions, according to Sky News. The virus forced for UCL’s IT staff to disconnect large portions of its network. The ransomware was spread via phishing emails that contained malicious attachments. UCL says its virus scanners did not spot the malware. The school’s IT team locked down access to shared networks and drives while it dealt with the attack. The school also advised students to avoid opening email attachments or clicking links that seem suspicious.

GPAA ransomware a new low for cybercriminals
A new form of ransomware is using pictures of sick children to trick victims. The ransomware, which is called GPAA (Global Poverty Aid Agency), uses a picture of an aid worker giving water to a starving Nigerian child in an effort to fool victims into clicking malicious links that lead to a ransomware infection. GPAA ransomware then encrypts every file on the victim’s computer and demands a ransom of 1.83 bitcoins.

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