Ransomware Roundup: Healthcare clinic falls victim to ransomware attack

The Metropolitan Urology Groupheartbeat-163709_960_720 in Milwaukee is one of the latest healthcare centers to fall victim to ransomware, according to Becker’s Hospital Review. The infection began spreading last November but was not discovered until January. Officials learned that the digital files of nearly 18,000 patients who visited the clinic between 2003 and 2010 were exposed to hackers. Clinic officials say the exposed files include patient account numbers, procedure codes and data on services provided. The Metropolitan Urology Group is giving one year of free credit monitoring to the affected patients. Hospitals and other healthcare centers have proven to be attractive targets for cybercriminals. That’s what it’s important for healthcare providers to invest in a backup system that supports compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Star Trek-themed ransomware wants to beam up your money
A newly-discovered Star Trek-themed ransomware virus called “Kirk” disguises itself as an application stress-testing tool and demands payment—not in Bitcoin—but in Monero, another form of cryptocurrency, according to a report from Cluley Associates. After infecting victims’ computers, a ransom note featuring pictures of Captain Kirk and Spock demands a ransom in the form of 50 units of Monero ($1,100), according to SiliconANGLE. The ransom demand increases to 500 units ($11,000) after two weeks. If victims fail to pay up within one month their files are deleted.

New LLTP Ransomware targets Spanish-speaking victims
The MalwareHunterTeam recently discovered a new form ransomware that looks to be a rewritten version of the VenusLocker virus, according to Bleeping Computer. The new ransomware, which goes by the name LLTP, targets Spanish-speaking victims and has the ability to encrypt files even when the computer is taken offline. Once a victim’s files are encrypted, the ransomware demands a ransom of $200. There is currently no decryption key available for LLTP victims.

For more news and information on the battle against ransomware, visit the FightRansomware.com homepage today.

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