Ransomware Roundup: Five ransomware lessons everyone should know

Geektime shares five important takeaways from the fight against ransomware. Get that and more ransomware headlines in this week's roundup.

Newly-discovered RanRan ransomware has a political agenda

RanRan ransomware attempts to force victims into spreading political messages. But there are decryptors available that can help. Learn more.

Ransomware Roundup: State senators beat ransomware with backup

Democratic State Senators of Pennsylvania infected with ransomware are locked out of their computer network.

Blank Slate campaign counts on curious humans to spread ransomware

The Blank Slate ransomware campaign is heating up. Learn how to protect your business today.

Ransomware Roundup: Why are businesses stocking up on bitcoins?

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Ransomware Roundup: Five ways to protect your company from cybercriminals

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DynA-Crypt ransomware encrypts files and steals personal data

A new form of ransomware steals personal information in addition to encrypting victims' files. Learn how to deal with DynA-Crypt and get your files back.

Ransomware Roundup: 2016 saw a gigantic increase in ransomware attacks

The number of ransomware attacks in 2016 dwarfed the number from the previous year—and that trend is expected to continue. Get all the latest ransomware news.

Startling statistics shed light on the worldwide ransomware epidemic

Small businesses expert Steve Strauss shares sobering ransomware statistics along with tips on how to protect your family and your business. Learn more!

Ransomware Roundup: App promising free Netflix logins infects users with ransomware

Some people who attempted to gain free access to Netflix this week instead got a nasty case of ransomware. Get the latest malware news in this week's roundup.